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Visaton Solo 50 Loadspeaker Kit - price per pair.

Visaton Solo 50 Loadspeaker Kit - price per pair.
Visaton Solo 50 Loadspeaker Kit - price per pair. Visaton Solo 50 Loadspeaker Kit - price per pair. Visaton Solo 50 Loadspeaker Kit - price per pair.
Product Code: Visaton Solo 50 Loadspeaker Kit - price per pair.
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Makes 1 pair of speakersSOLO 50

Art. No. 5986

Characteristics and sound properties

The SOLO 50 applies the SOLO 100 concept to a more compact cabinet. This makes the units suitable for smaller rooms where the larger version would be too physically overpowering or the bass too powerful.

With a net volume of 50 litres, it is essential to have an internal resonance absorber as with the SOLO 100 owing to the Q-factor of the B 200 6 Ohm. This can also be used to fine-tune the bass reflex. The lower limiting frequency is not as low as with the SOLO 100 but is certainly sufficient for small to medium-sized rooms. The absorber must be carefully damped again.

The correcting circuitry is designed by analogy to the SOLO 100. If you replace the 15 ohm resistance with a 22 ohm, the increase in high-frequency frequency response will be eliminated and the result as measured in the measuring room was a well-balanced spectrum. Listening tests showed, however, that, as a result of the beaming effect of this wide-range speaker, a slight increase is beneficial in most listening environments


We suggest two alternative cabinets: 1) simple cabinet with narrow chamfers on the sides 2) more sophisticated design with a ring round the B 200. Acoustically, there is hardly likely to be any difference. The second alternative is much more complex to build, though.

The base is screwed onto a frame and not glued, to enable you to fit the bass reflex tube.

Inner damping

Four mats of damping material are arranged as shown (see drawing). The mat for the inner channel is cut to the width of the cabinet (22 cm) and pushed into the channel flat. The lower mat is rolled lengthways and wrapped around the bass reflex tube but leaving the opening free.


Rated Power 40 W
Maximum power 70 W
Impedance 6 Ohm
Sound pressure level -
Sensitivity -
Frequency response (-10 dB) 42 - 20000 Hz
Mean sound pressure level 88 dB (2,83V/1m)
Max sound pressure level -
Maximum cone displacement -
Resonance frequency -
Magnetic induction -
Magnetic flux -
Height of front pole-plate -
Voice coil diameter -
Height of winding -
Cutout diameter -
Length of cable -
Net Weight -