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Visaton Classic 200 - price per pair.

Visaton Classic 200 - price per pair.
Visaton Classic 200 - price per pair. Visaton Classic 200 - price per pair. Visaton Classic 200 - price per pair.
Product Code: Visaton Classic 200 - price per pair.
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This is a very refined speaker with a seamles music presentation with excellent imaging. The bass is extended but never overbearing. Particularly successful with vocal and instrumental music, the Classic 200 gives a very realistic and convincing soundCLASSIC 200

Art. No. 5964

Characteristics and sound properties

As the name CLASSIC 200 suggests, this speaker design uses the classic 3-band arrangement: one woofer, one mid-range cone and one dome tweeter, all arranged one above the other close together in the front baffle. The AL 200 8 Ohm, TI 100 8 Ohm and KE 25 SC 8 Ohm used here are the best drivers in their respective categories available from the VISATON catalogue. For an upright cabinet, this is relatively small, enabling space-saving use in almost any sitting room.

The sensitivity of the CLASSIC 200 is excellent for a speaker of this size. This is made possible by the "slim-line" bass tuning. In comparison with the VOX 200, which has almost the same driver arrangement, the lower limiting frequency has been set slightly higher. This will appeal in particular to those who appreciate more "crisp" bass reproduction. The difference is that, in the CLASSIC 200, the low-frequency room resonance which is almost always present in any room, is not excited to the same degree and this reduces the reverberation.

The other drivers are also without doubt excellent and contribute to a holistic overall sound consisting of precise mid-range and clear as crystal, unobtrusive, smooth-as-silk treble frequencies.


The cabinet sections are cut in accordance with the parts list and glued together. Next, the openings and recesses for the loudspeakers and the bass reflex tube (front panel) and terminal connections (rear panel) are cut out.

Inner damping

Half a mat of damping material is pushed into the mid-range enclosure. The rest is distributed uniformly in the cabinet, while ensuring that the port of the bass reflex tube is left unblocked.


Rated Power 120 W
Maximum power 180 W
Impedance 8 Ohm
Sound pressure level -
Sensitivity -
Frequency response (-10 dB) 35 - 25000 Hz
Mean sound pressure level 88 dB (1W/1m)
Max sound pressure level -
Maximum cone displacement -
Resonance frequency -
Magnetic induction -
Magnetic flux -
Height of front pole-plate -
Voice coil diameter -
Height of winding -
Cutout diameter -
Length of cable -
Net Weight -