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Visaton EXPERIENCE V 20 - price per pair.

Visaton EXPERIENCE V 20 - price per pair.
Visaton EXPERIENCE V 20 - price per pair. Visaton EXPERIENCE V 20 - price per pair. Visaton EXPERIENCE V 20 - price per pair.
Product Code: Visaton EXPERIENCE V 20 - price per pair.
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Are you experienced enough for this speaker? With a comprehensive array of drivers and high sensitivity these speakers are designed to rock! A large cabinet helps the bass down to a seriously low 29 Hz.EXPERIENCE V 20

Art. No. 5965

Characteristics and sound properties

The EXPERIENCE V 20 is a 96 litre vented cabinet and features a baffle arrangement based on the D'Appolito principle arranged symmetrically around the tweeter. In order to suppress any unwanted interference by the front baffle on the radiation pattern, the entire mid- to high-range unit is not positioned in the middle of the cabinet, but towards the inner side. The woofers in the EXPERIENCE V 20 are two W 200 S 8 Ohms 's in parallel up to around 450 Hz. From here, the mid-bass unit takes over. The W 130 S 8 Ohms 's, also connected in parallel, cover the mid-range frequencies up to around 3000 Hz and hand over to the G 25 FFL 8 Ohm textile dome unit at the high-range. The crossover unit is designed for bi-wiring. The very first impression you get of this V 20 speaker system will demonstrate the unrestricted exuberance the speakers are capable of. At the lower octave levels, the two 20 cm woofers produce crisp bass sounds with a dynamic punch that is unusual for speakers of this size. The mid-range produces absolutely linear, undistorted sound and the overall effect is of tangible sounds, spatially separated from the speakers themselves. The crystal clear, airy high-range reproduction from the 25 mm textile dome unit puts the final touch to the upper frequency end.


As can be seen from the drawing, the EXPERIENCE V 20 cabinet consists of straight-edged butt-jointed boards glued together. The inside of the speaker contains a medium range cabinet and three reinforcing boards. The reinforcing boards marked in the drawing with a "1" have three cut-outs each and serve at the same time as the tops and bases for the mid-range chamber. The board marked with a "2" has four cut-outs and is the lower reinforcement. The reinforcing boards have the same function as the cross-laths used in some other sample constructions, i.e. to stiffen parallel panels. Three holes are required of 8 mm diameter in the rear panel of the medium range chamber for the cables, as can be seen in the front view of the cabinet drawing through the cut-out for the lower mid-range driver. The two 73 mm cut-outs in the front baffle are for mounting the tubes, and the terminals are mounted in the square cut-out in the rear panel. The circuit board for the crossover unit is attached to the panel behind the lower bass cut-out.

Inner damping

One mat of damping material is used in the mid-range chamber, and the remaining mats are rolled or folded and placed inside the cabinet in such a way that only the area directly behind the two tubes is free. In order to prevent the mats slipping later, they should be clamped in the cut-outs of the reinforcing boards.

Component parts list for 1 box
The kit includes all the components listed here but not the cabinet.
Cabinets and ready-made speaker can be ordered from .
Tweeter: G 25 FFL 8 Ohm 1 piece
Midrange driver: W 130 S 8 Ohm 2 pieces
Woofer: W 200 S 8 Ohm 2 pieces
Crossover: Crossover Experience V 20  
Bass reflex tube: BR 15.34 (full length) 2 pieces
Terminal: BT 95/75 1 piece
Damping material:   6 bags
Wood screws: 3,5 x 19 mm 28 pieces
Cable: 2 x 1,5 mm2 3 m
  2 x 2,5 mm2 2,5 m
Cabinet parts list for 1 box
Parts Size (mm) Quantity
Material: 19 mm chipboard or MDF
Front and rear panel 300 x 1300 2
Side panels 322 x 1300 2
Top and bottom panel 322 x 262 2
Brace 322 x 262 3
Midrange rear panel 400 x 143 1
Midrange side panel 400 x 119 1