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Visaton Concorde - price per pair.

Visaton Concorde - price per pair.
Visaton Concorde - price per pair. Visaton Concorde - price per pair. Visaton Concorde - price per pair.
Product Code: Visaton Concorde - price per pair.
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CONCORDE MK II Art. No. 5943 (1 pair of speakers, assembly required)Characteristics and sound properties

The CONCORDE MK II 3-way system may not be able to fly, but in terms of sound, it really soars. The mere shape and the drivers used give an idea of its qualities. The tailored baffle in the medium to high-frequency range produces optimised omnidirectional sound distribution one of the reasons why the sound distribution throughout the room is so smooth. Arranging all the drivers according to the d Appolito principle, reduces interference from floor and ceiling reflection. Two AL 200 8 Ohm aluminium bass drivers join forces to produce profound and yet precise bass reproduction thanks to the extra-large, flow-optimised bass reflex tube. The two AL 130 8 Ohm mid-range speakers guarantee crisp mid-range sounds as a result of their stiff cones, long stroke and impedance control ring.

At the top end of the frequency range we have used the innovative KE 25 SC 8 Ohm ceramic tweeter, which has been incorporated using a sophisticated crossaver arrangement to optimise timing. This sophisticated design of tweeter can be wired up to blend in from a very low level and, as with all the other drivers, produces extremely distortion-free sound even at high volume settings. Any defects in the source signal are laid wide open. Even at louder settings, listening to music remains a real pleasure. This is always a good sign that the baffle is working correctly and that nothing is being smuggled in that should not be there.

In the MK II version, a slight adjustment in the mid-range section of the crossover has enhanced the crossover range between the mid-range and tweeter.

The completely neutral tonality and the remarkable dynamic characteristics of this stand-up CONCORDE MK II cabinet make it an all-round talent for discerning listeners of all types of music.

Warning: This loudspeaker is as honest as they come and conceals nothing!

Extract from Klang & Ton

"In terms of sound quality, the Concorde was an immediate success. It is a universally applicable speaker and reproduces all kinds of music without particular preferences. It sounds the way all very good speakers sound. If the recording is boring, the reproduction is also boring and where the recording is very good, reproduction is excellent. Details come across extremely well and in a lively manner, the stage can be seen in your mind's eye in about the right proportions. What more could one demand of a good speaker system."

Additional Technical Data:

Cut-off frequency 500 / 2500 Hz
Principle of Housing Bassreflex
Net volume 92 l + 6 l
Outer dimension height 1300 mm
Outer dimension width 270 mm
Outer dimension depth 400 mm


All the boards are cut to size and glued (butt-jointed) as shown in the parts list. Particular attention must be paid to the front panel, because the first thing here is to apply the 45° chamfers. We recommend cutting and finishing the openings for the drivers before the cabinet is assembled. The cabinet can now be glued together. Ensure that the mid-range surround is tight against the front and side panels so that no join is visible later.

Once the glue has dried, the 45° chamfer is extended onto the side panels. This must be done extremely carefully so that none of the edges break out. The best way to finish of the chamfers is to sand them. Drill three 8 mm holes in the rear wall of the mid-range section for the cables. Ensure that the holes are well sealed again when the cables are in position.

The crossover is divided across two circuit boards. The bass section is mounted on the strut behind the upper woofer and the medium-high range board on the strut behind the lower woofer.

Inner damping

One and a half mats of damping material are required for the mid-range cabinet. This is best done if the damping material is cut into six equally sized pieces. The remaining eight and a half mats are loosely but evenly distributed inside the bass cabinet. Begin at the bottom, immediately above the bass reflex tunnel. Leave the space behind the bass vent free of damping material.

Component parts list for 1 box

The kit includes all necessary components (see list below). Cabinet parts are not included.

Tweeter: KE 25 SC 8 Ohm 1 piece
Midrange driver AL 130 8 Ohm 2 pieces
Woofer: AL 200 8 Ohm 2 pieces
Crossover: "Concorde MK II"
Terminal: BT 95/75 1 piece
Damping material: 5 bags
Special wood screws: 5 x 30 mm 12 pieces 4 x 25 mm 12 pieces
Countersunk screws: 3,5 x 25 mm 4 pieces
Cable: 2x 1,5 mm2 4 m 2x 2,5 mm2 4 m

Cabinet parts list for 1 box

Parts Size (mm) Quantity
Material: 19 mm chipboard or MDF
Front panel 1300 x 270 1
Side panel 1300 x 381 2
Top and bottom panel 232 x 381 2
Rear panel 1182 x 232 1
Midrange rear panel 440 x 232 1
Midrange top and bottom panel 80 x 232 2
Bass-reflex channel panel 250 x 232 1
Brace 200 x 232 1
Brace 100 x 232 1
Brace 80 x 232 1
Brace 80 x 263 2
Brace 80 x 362 1
Brace 80 x 40 2
Midrange side panel 402 x 80 2