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Visaton Portrait price per pair.

Visaton Portrait price per pair.
Visaton Portrait price per pair. Visaton Portrait price per pair. Visaton Portrait price per pair.
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loudspeakers that do not look like loudspeakers.Characteristics and sound properties

Many lovers of music have one problem in common: they want to listen to good music at a high quality of reproduction but they do not have the room to place the loudspeakers they would like to buy or they cannot find the right speakers to blend in with their furnishings and taste. What they need is loudspeakers that do not look like loudspeakers.

And so we developed the PORTRAIT design, which can be hung on the wall and looks like a picture. The objective was to keep the cabinet as flat as possible. The PORTRAIT will be satisfied with only 40 mm in depth. If you take the time to make some more complex cut-outs, you can even reduce this to 34 mm.

This is made possible by the use of particularly slim 13 cm FR 12 8 Ohm loudspeakers as woofers. Combined with the SC 5 8 Ohm tweeter and the specially designed crossover, this produces a sophisticated satellite speaker unit. Due to the small cabinet, low bass cannot be produced by the PORTRAIT. As a result, the bass range below 100 Hz is best covered by a subwoofer (e.g. SUB-W 20.39 ).

This combination with a powerful subwoofer means that the PORTRAIT set-up is a visually appealing and acoustically highly effective system which can, if required, be extended. If the wall space in front of and behind the listening position are free, additional PORTRAIT speakers can be hung to produce a multi-channel system for home theatre and music.

The point about the PORTRAIT is the option of fitting a fabric front to the cabinet which can vary, depending on the surroundings, e.g. single-coloured or brightly coloured silk. Of course, one can always put one's creative skills to work and make one's own silk covers adorned with favourite motifs. There are no limits to your imagination.


The cabinet consists of two panels (front and rear panels) and narrow strips to make up the remaining sides. Add to this a frame for clamping the fabric which is removable and simply pressed into place. The nine strips arranged as a rectangle are crucial to strengthen the large-scale construction and are glued onto the rear panel with the side strips. The front panel is not glued but screwed to enable you to insert the crossover and damping material in the cabinet.

It is possible to make the cabinet even slimmer then shown in the drawing. The depth can be reduced to 34 mm if 14 mm strips are used for both the sides and strengthening struts. In that case, it is necessary to cut out a 5 mm deep recess behind the tweeter in addition to the existing opening for the magnet of the woofer. The crossover will also have to be let into the rear panel by 5 mm.

For reasons of appearance, no terminal connections are used. The cable is soldered directly to the crossover. The cable is led out through a small hole in the base and concealed in a cable duct on the wall. It is even more aesthetically pleasing if the cable comes through the rear panel and completely hidden in the plaster or a false wall.

The two drivers are recessed when mounted (4 mm) to enable the fabric cover to be in contact with the front panel. A thin silk material is ideal for the fabric covers. Linen and other firmer fabrics are less permeable to sound and will result in a noticeable reduction in the sound output in the higher range so they are not suitable. The front panel should be painted black to prevent the outlines of the dark drivers showing through the thin fabric cover.

To fit the speaker to the wall, drill and plug two holes in the wall and screw in two screws, but leave approx. 11 mm of the screws protruding. The speaker cabinet has two corresponding holes to hang over the screws.

Inner damping

One mat of damping material is cut into strips and distributed uniformly between the strengthening struts in the cabinet.

Component parts list for 1 box

The kit includes all the components listed here but not the cabinet.

Cabinets and ready-made speaker can be ordered from .

Tweeter SC 5 8 Ohm 1 piece

Woofer FR 12 8 Ohm 1 piece

Damping material ½ bag

Crossover Crossover Portrait

Wood screws 3.5 x 19 mm 8 pieces

Cable 2 x 1.5 mm2 1 m


Cabinet parts list for 1 box

Parts Size (mm) Quantity

Material: 10 mm MDF or plywood

Front, rear panel 500 x 500 2

Material: Wood strip

Siede panels 500 x 20 x 20 2

Siede panels 460 x 20 x 20 2

Braces 30 x 20 x 20 9

Frame 501 x 40 x 10 2

Frame 521 x 40 x 10 2


Rated Power 30 Watt
Maximum power 80 Watt
Impedance 8 Ohm
Sound pressure level -
Sensitivity -
Frequency response (-10 dB) 80 - 22000 Hz
Mean sound pressure level 84 dB (1 W/1m)
Max sound pressure level -
Maximum cone displacement -
Resonance frequency -
Magnetic induction -
Magnetic flux -
Height of front pole-plate -
Voice coil diameter -
Height of winding -
Cutout diameter -
Length of cable -
Net Weight -