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Visaton Aria 1 - price per pair.

Visaton Aria 1 - price per pair.
Visaton Aria 1 - price per pair. Visaton Aria 1 - price per pair. Visaton Aria 1 - price per pair.
Product Code: Visaton Aria 1 - price per pair.
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Compact loudspeaker system with high quality drivers. With solid stands, the Aria 1 delivers remarkable results.Characteristics and sound properties

The ARIA is a small-sized two way, book shelf or standmount speaker system that uses the TI 100 8 Ohm high-end mid-bass unit and the G 20 SC 8 Ohm dome tweeter. The unit is equally well suited to life as a satellite in a straightforward stereo system or for use in a multichannel set-up. It can be combined with larger speakers such as the VOX 200 where it takes over the centre or effect role or a full set of them can be used to cover all channels. The lower limiting frequency is at 75 Hz, i.e. deep-bass should be left to an active subwoofer and the satellites will need protecting with a high-pass section or, in multichannel systems, they should be run in small mode. If the speakers are positioned right by the wall or in a shelving unit, the bass reflex tube will be partly damped or completely stifled, which can compensate for excessively boosted bass.

Extract from Klang & Ton

"... The smaller version of the ARIA, fitted with only a single cone driver, made a lively, dynamic impression but was also well able, like the larger version, to differentiate finer detail, which was more than we expected. Both of them retained crisp reproduction quality and never left one with the impression that the music was a two-dimensional screen, a particularly important feature when voices are up-front." "One should not, however, expect what is commonly referred to as deep bass. But coupled with an active subwoofer, these two systems produced such high quality sound that they can easily compete with high-end products costing several times this price." "These two new VISATON constructions are really hot business if what you're after is high-quality, build-it-yourself compact loudspeakers. The fact that the series includes a dipole variant makes these two the foundation stones of a top-grade surround system."

Additional Technical Data:

Cut-off frequency 2500 Hz
Principle of Housing Bassreflex
Net volume 3,8 l
Outer dimension height 270 mm
Outer dimension width 160 mm
Outer dimension depth 160 mm


The cabinet body uses 16 mm boards. First of all, cut the holes in the boards and apply the bevels. This can be done using an electric jigsaw or hand-held circular saw set to the required angle. Once the cabinet has been completed, apply the milling work for the loudspeaker. Finally, fit the cones.

Since the cabinets are relatively small, it is hardly possible to mount the crossover inside the housing. It can, however, simply be wrapped in damping material and placed inside the speaker if the rear wall is not removable.

Component parts list for 1 box

The kit includes all necessary components (see list below). Cabinet parts are not included.

Tweeter: G 20 SC 8 Ohm 1 piece
Woofer: TI 100 8 Ohm 1 piece
Crossover: "ARIA"
Bass reflex tube: BR 6.8 (full length) 1 piece
Terminal: ST 77 1 piece
Damping material: ¼ bag
Wood screws: 3,5 x 19 mm 4 pieces
Countersunk screws: 3,5 x 25 mm 8 pieces
Cable: 2 x 1,5 mm2 0,75 m

Cabinet parts list for 1 box

Parts Size (mm) Quantity
Material: 16 mm chipboard or MDF
Front and rear panel 270 x 160 2
Side panel 270 x 128 2
Top and bottom panel 128 x 128 2


Rated Power 40 W
Maximum power 60 W
Impedance 8 Ohm
Sound pressure level -
Sensitivity -
Frequency response (-10 dB) 75 - 30000 Hz
Mean sound pressure level 84 dB (1 W/1 m)
Max sound pressure level -
Maximum cone displacement -
Resonance frequency -
Magnetic induction -
Magnetic flux -
Height of front pole-plate -
Voice coil diameter -
Height of winding -
Cutout diameter -
Length of cable -
Net Weight -