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Large floorstanding

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Visaton Vox 200 - price per pair.
A superbly clear and analytical speaker with excellent power and clarity of resolution. Employing..
Ex Tax: £1,233.08
Visaton VOX 253 MHT - price per pair.
One of Visaton's best loudspeaker systems, emplying the excellent MHT 12 ribbon tweeter with ..
Ex Tax: £1,446.02
Visaton Concorde - price per pair.
CONCORDE MK II Art. No. 5943 (1 pair of speakers, assembly required)Characteristics and sound pro..
Ex Tax: £1,559.26
Visaton VOX 253 MTI - price per pair.
The 253 MTI is the top of the Vox range, using the best drivers that Visaton make. It is a true h..
Ex Tax: £1,693.80
Visaton MONITOR 890 MK III - price per pair.
This is no ordinary loudspeaker! The combination of horn loaded midrange and tweeter give the sor..
Ex Tax: £3,581.17
Visaton Vox 253 Loadspeaker Kit - price per pair.
Makes one pair of speakers.VOX 253 Art. No. 5985 Characteristics and sound properties..
Ex Tax: £1,382.14
Visaton ATLAS COMPACT MK V Load Speaker Kit - price per pair
Makes 1 pair of speakersATLAS COMPACT MK V Art. No. 5920 Characteristics and sound pr..
Ex Tax: £1,443.12
Visaton Atlantis - price per pair.
The ATLANTIS has been consistently designed for optimum sound-pressure rating while retaining a mode..
Ex Tax: £931.02
Visaton Casablanca Mk 4 - price per pair.
The first thing one notices about the CASABLANCA IV cabinet is its striking design.Characteristic..
Ex Tax: £742.37
Visaton Vox 301 - price per pair.
This is the largest of the Vox designs, employing a massive 12 inch bass driver along with high q..
Ex Tax: £1,564.10
Visaton EXPERIENCE V 20 - price per pair.
Are you experienced enough for this speaker? With a comprehensive array of drivers and high sensi..
Ex Tax: £644.62
Visaton Solitude Loadspeaker Kit - price per pair.
Makes 1 pair of speakersSOLITUDE Art. No. 5988 Characteristics and sound properties ..
Ex Tax: £1,207.92
Visaton QUADRO - price per pair.
a loudspeaker with a very high sensitivity rating When the QUADRO was developed, the prim..
Ex Tax: £1,754.89
Visaton Pentaton BB - Price Per Pair
Full-range loudspeakers are enjoying another comeback and arousing increased interest, embodying,..
Ex Tax: £1,127.58
Visaton Quintett Light - Price Per Pair
Just as the light versions of VOX and COUPLET, the QUINTETT LIGHT is aimed at coming as close as ..
Ex Tax: £706.56
Visaton Grand Orgue - Price Per Pair
  The toughest challenge for a high-end loudspeaker is to reproduce the lowest frequenci..
Ex Tax: £1,048.22